IGPE International Grain and Oil Products Exhibition: Expert Leaders of China Cereals and Oils Association Unveiled New Products of Anysort Quality Sorting Aug 05, 2022

On July 28th, the 12th IGPE Grain and Oil Quality, Grain and Oil Processing and Storage Logistics Technology Expo organized by the China Grain and Oil Society was held in Nanjing.The products of the 6S series of Anysort Quality Sorting landed at this exhibition.


▲Yao Huiyuan, Chief Expert of China Cereals and Oils Society, Member of National Food Security Policy Expert Advisory Committee, Founding Dean of School of Food Science of Jiangnan University; Wang Ruiyuan, Chief Expert of China Cereals and Oils Society, Honorary President of Oils and Oils Branch of China Cereals and Oils Society; He Dongping,President of Oils and Oils Branch of China Cereals and Oils Society, Professor of Wuhan University of Light Industry ;Wang Xingguo, Executive Vice President of the Oils and Oils Branch of the China Cereals and Oils Society and Professor of Jiangnan University ,Yan Zipeng, Vice President of the Oils and Oils Branch of the China Cereals and Oils Society, and Member of the Expert Group 


▲Zhang Guifeng, Former Deputy Director of the State Grain Administration and Chairman of the China Cereals and Oils Society, and Wang Lirong, Deputy Director and Secretary-general of the China Cereals and Oils Society

Experts and leaders from China Cereals and Oils Society came to Anysort booth to unveil the SF rice sorting machine, which attracted the attention of a large number of media and exhibitors.


The on-site demonstration of the SF rice color sorter proves that it has solved the problem that the unpolished rice contained in the hulling material is too high in the traditional grain hulling section, which leads to an increase in the rate of broken rice, and also improved the rice yield, and the quality of oil bran and rice quality has been improved.

On-site verification, S+ showed Excellent Operations again


Since the launch of the S+ analyzer, it has been very popular, and at the exhibition site, through the on-site demonstration and verification, a series of excellent operations are highly praised.



To improve quality and reduce fragmentation, it has to be SD!


SD rice color sorter machine performs whole crushing and grading of white rice, and the crushing index is amazingly reduced on the premise of ensuring large output;Not only that, the SD color sorter can accurately separate different varieties of rice, realize the efficient separation of japonica and indica,etc.And it can avoid rice processing problems such as sub-standard mixing rate caused by rice mixing.

On-site Signing Orders



Guided by the concept of "grain saving and loss reduction, moderate processing" and the vision of "let the world enjoy the best quality food", Anysort Quality Sorting 6S technology is constantly innovating and making breakthroughs, and is committed to realizing the scientific, healthy and sustainable future.

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